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“Bitbucket Cloud” is coming – New 2017 Pricing and Packaging

With the release of Bitbucket Pipelines into production this week (Blog Post Here), Atlassian looks like it has created a whole new set of “Bitbucket Cloud” pricing and packaging which incorporates a lot more than than just source code management.  It’s… Continue Reading →

Bitbucket vs GitHub (June 2016)

Atlassian recently added a page where they compare their Bitbucket offering to GitHub.  They compare the two offerings based on price and functionality.  As well as highlighting their functional strengths, they do acknowledge where GitHub has functionality they don’t. GitHub offers… Continue Reading →

Atlassian Bitbucket Now Offers Continuous Delivery – Pipelines

Today Atlassian is now offering a new continuous delivery feature within Bitbucket called Pipelines (BETA).  It allows developers to now manage the development workflow, build, test, and deploy, all from within Bitbucket. Check out this video overview from Atlassian: This feature is currently in… Continue Reading →